Way back in September we got an early preview of a third-party Vine client for BlackBerry 10 called Whine. Even then, the app looked great but in the time since then, the developer behind it all has worked hard on the app to make it as full featured as possible and finally, after many months of waiting, Whine is now available in BlackBerry World. 

Unlike some of the Vine apps listed in BlackBerry World, Whine is more than a Vine viewer, you can record and upload your vines just as you would with the Vine app on other platforms thanks to it making use of the Vine API. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see by sharing them on Twitter, Facebook, BBM and more.

The Whine app is available as a free download however, donations to the developer are certainly encouraged and you can do so from right with the app itself by using the donation menu. If you're looking to give it a go, Whine has just gone live on BlackBerry World and is filtering through. If you're not seeing it as of yet or not able to download it, just keep trying. We'll get a complete hands-on look at it over the next day or two for everyone.

Download Whine for BlackBerry 10