Whine, the third-party Vine client for BlackBerry 10 has always been a pretty stellar app, but there's always room for improvement and a new update pushing through BlackBerry World right now for the app brings plenty of them. I'd even go so far as to say it almost feels like a whole new app with this release, but I'll let you all be the judge of that, have a look at the full changelog.

  • Splash Redesign & Restructure
  • 720p Automatic Recording Support
  • Timestamp Bug Fixed
  • New Dedicated Record Tab
  • Improved Emoji Support
  • Fullscreen Video for Square Displays Support
  • Automatic Hiding & Showing Of Title and Action Bars
  • Persistent Mute Control Application Wide including Settings
  • Optimized Graphics & File Handling
  • Aligned With New OS Libraries
  • Bug Fixes & Overall Improvements

If you're a Whine user you may have already grabbed the larger release v3.2.3, which has all the changes noted above but we knew another update to bring Whine to v3.2.3.1 (A small hotfix for a login bug) was coming and wanted to wait until that was released to post about the update in its entirety. If you've not downloaded the update as of yet, you should be seeing v3.2.3.1 available. Never tried Whine before? Grab it from BlackBerry World for only $1.99 and check it out today!

Download Whine for BlackBerry 10

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