Whine gets updated to v3.2 bringing notifications

If you're a Whine app user, you may have noticed an update available. Whine is a Vine third party client for BlackBerry 10 and is a pretty nice app. This update takes us to v3.2 and brings some nice new features, including the ability to add people as favorites, so when they make an update, you can be notified about it. However, you do need to have the app open in order to be notified. The developer will work on bringing Hub integration and headless function to the app soon enough.

To mark people as favorite, just head to their profile and you should see an star icon in the top right corner. Here's a list of all the new features in the v3.2 update.

  • Splash buttons redesign for a better look and feel
  • You can follow Channels now! Posts will appear in your timeline from your followed channels
  • Pick your favorite users! Notifications will appear when they post
  • Fixed Twitter login when password has special characters

Whine is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $2.99. If you have already purchased the app, updates are free.

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