BlackBerry 2011 Roadmap

With all the BlackBerry PlayBook talk over the last month or so, it's easy to let all of the phone news slip through the cracks. Lots of people are still buzzing about the PlayBook and the Tablet OS news certainly won't be trailing off any time soon, but I still like to keep things coming on the phone front as well. At BlackBerry World we were excited to see the announcement of the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 (I'm just going to make things easier and call it the Bold Touch one way or another) and although we don't have a release day yet, it looks to be one of the best devices to date and undoubtedly the one I've been wanting for what seems like forever. While we were somewhat disappointed in the fact that we didn't get any more details on the other rumored devices like the BlackBerry Touch or Torch 2, we do know they're coming and will launch fairly close to the Bold Touch (RIM wants to pump all of these 2011 phones onto the market as quick as they can).

So on that note, we want to know which of the upcoming BlackBerry Smartphones you're most excited about. Are you ready for the Bold Touch that we've all been waiting for? Or are you more of a full touchscreen BlackBerry Touch kind of person? Maybe the revamped Torch 2 is for you? Perhaps you're sticking with the Curve you know and love? Let us know in the above poll which device will be your next BlackBerry, then drop a comment with your opinions on the new devices.