BlackBerry PlayBook Scrapbook
A little over a week ago Kevin started a fun thread in the PlayBook forums for people to share their Scrapbook creations with the rest of CrackBerry nation. We decided it would be cool to give away some prizes for those that chose to post their creations, not as a formal contest really, but just for fun. The CrackBerry writers got together and looked through this week's submissions, and boy was it hard to narrow it down! Finally, we came up with three from our favorites, which you can view after the break. Each of these members will receive a $25 gift certificate to ShopCrackBerry, so if you were chosen, watch your email over the next few days for information on that!

The thread is still open at the link below, and we'll keep the contest going indefinitely and likely mix up the prizes so it will be a surprise each time. Each week or so we'll pick some more winners, so keep sharing your Scrapbook creations! Check out this week's picks after the break!

Post Your Scrapbook App Pictures!

Bigghippo ScrapbookSubmitted by bigghippo

GjDub ScrapbookSubmitted by GjDub

JRonin Scrapbook Submitted by JRonin