Which apps do you keep on your home screen?

I've never really been known to be a very organized individual. One thing I do keep organized, however, is the home screen of my BlackBerry. It has to be set up just right otherwise everything else in the world just seems wrong. I know I'm not alone here and it's always interesting seeing what apps people prioritize in their lives.

Kevin for example always likes to have as many apps on his home screen as possible. It looks like a disaster to me and I wonder how he finds anything but it's all mapped out for him in folders and categories. Myself, I like to keep things minimal on my home screen and only place a select few apps there. Sure, they have changed over time but for the most part, I've created a standard setup for myself.

What about you? Do you prefer to keep it all minimal, making use of keyboard shortcuts or do you just go all out and keep everything up front? Let me know which apps you keep on your home screen and how you prefer to set up your device. Maybe we can kick off a 'What's on your phone?' series and have folks highlight what they use and why.

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