Where's My Bus? for BlackBerry 10

If you live in one of the many metro areas in North America whose public transit systems utilize the NextBus system, you'll want to check out Where's My Bus? for BlackBerry 10. If you're not familiar with NextBus, it's a fantastic service that helps make life a bit easier for people that ride public transportation. Using GPS, buses and trains are tracked and real time updates are provided for routes, advising when riders can expect the bus/train to arrive. This information can help you avoid a missed connection, spend less time waiting at a stop not knowing when the bus will arrive, and also helps make that commute a bit safer.

Where's My Bus takes all of the information available on the NextBus website and offers it to you in a simple, easy-to-use format that will make your travels on the bus or train almost effortless. Not only can you use the app to view real-time transit information, it also updates you as to any service announcements in effect.

Features include:

  • Select an Agency, Route, Direction, and then Stop to view an interactive map of the stop and nearby bus locations, as well as a list of the next upcoming bus arrival/departure times
  • Service announcements will be overlaid on top of the map if active
  • Press and hold an Agency, Route, or Stop to add it as a favorite for quick navigation
  • Filter Agency, Route, and Stop pages to quickly find what you are looking for
  • Application Cover/Active Frame while viewing a stop will change to a simple display of the next 3 bus arrival/departure times (note: make sure to configure refresh interval settings and do not leave the app running when you are not using it to conserve battery life)
  • Swipe down from the top to view application help or configure settings such as refresh intervals for the Next Bus Page and Application Cover view

Where's My Bus? can only display agencies that authorize NextBus to release their data to the public XML API, so you'll want to check the list to be sure your transit agency is represented before purchasing it. You can find more information on the app as well as a ton of screenshots on the Where's My Bus? website. The developers behind this useful tool are constantly updating the app, and some of the features they are looking to implement in the future include:

  • Incorporate multiple data sources (i.e. agencies who pulled their data out into their own API)
  • Manual entry of a Stop ID to jump to that stop's next bus page
  • Route Map view that draws an overlay of the route on a full page map
  • Route schedules
  • Nearby stops

You can pick up Where's My Bus for your BlackBerry 10 devices in BlackBerry World for just $.99 at the link below.

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