Back during Mobile World Congress 2011 we were treated to a few demo applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook. One of those applications was "Aura" designed by The Astonishing Tribe. Aura was designed and subsequently used to show off just how powerful the BlackBerry WebWorks platform is and how easy it was to build applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Here we are now, months after Aura was shown off and we still can't download it. Granted, RIM did state it was a "proof of concept" design but given it used to show off the power of the PlayBook and RIM's developments tools -- I really can't be alone in thinking that Aura should have been something that came pre-loaded on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Make it happen RIM, release Aura to BlackBerry App World and start showing folks what can be done with WebWorks.

(Since putting this up, it was highlighted that the source code is available here. In additon to that, our friends from BBIn have a compiled version available for download here, for folks who know how to install .bar files. Still, it should be refined and tossed into BlackBerry App World for everyone who don't want to bother with development mode on their PlayBooks.. and you know, wants to know the weather in other places aside from Barcelona, since that is all it displays.)

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