Google Mobile Apps

Google Maps has been available for BlackBerry smartphones forever but now whether intentional or not it appears to of have gone missing, along with a few other Google apps. Google recently revised their Google Mobile pages and BlackBerry users looking to download the apps are finding out the link as advised by Google here, just simply no longer works. In its place, what BlackBerry users find unsurprisingly is a list of all of the Android apps Google has available unless they're coming from an iOS device, in which case you're shown all of the Google iOS apps.

The Google Search download page still offers an option for folks who might not be on Android that shows iOS and BlackBerry as secondary options but again clicking on either link just offers up a redirect to the main page and loops from there. As far as we know, Google hasn't made any announcements stating they had plans to discontinue the apps so for now it looks as though it was an oversight when they rolled out the newer design.

We're digging into it to see if we can get an answer but have you tried downloading any of the Google Mobile apps such as Google Maps and ran into this problem? If so, sound off in the comments and let us know.