Pearl Flip 

I've been proudly rocking my Tour for over a week now and I couldn't be happier. This weekend I had a friend stop by that was a new Tour owner, but noticed my Pearl Flip sitting on my desk. He had never seen one and asked if he could take it for a spin. After he was all switched up, he asked me to find a good theme for him. I immediately jumped on the forums and began my search. To my dismay, it seemed to me there was an extreme lack of Pearl Flip themes available. I came across a few good ones like the Tweme, Titanium Fusion Flip and the Firefox 8220 Theme (I'm a sucker for Firefox) but I was sad to see that there wasn't much more. It seems like every day themes are popping up for the Bold, Curve 8900, Storm and even older 83xx devices, but CrackBerry Nation - where are all the Pearl Flip themes? I mean, we know why there are no Tour themes yet (Hey RIM, why not letting us know when the Plazmic update is actually coming so it's not a guessing game for us). The Pearl Flip may not necessarily be the flagship device of any given carrier's BlackBerry offering, but it is a BlackBerry and there are tons of Pearl Flip users out there. So this is our call to action to all of the theme developers out there - lets see what you can do for the Pearl Flip!