We're no strangers to chaos when it comes to getting a good deal. For years Black Friday events here in the States have caused massive commotion, including riots that have left numerous people severely injured and just a few days ago overzealous shoppers could be seen tearing up a DVD display. Last weeks stampede at a Jakarta BlackBerry event wasn't too far off from riots like these and now authorities are wondering just who is to blame for the chaos that ensued. Police are questioning both RIM (namely event organizers) and officials from the Pacific Place mall where the event took place and are trying to find out just what caused the crowd of thousands to go over the edge. Over 90 people were injured as the event broke down late last week. According to police the investigation is ongoing and South Jakarta Police chief Sr. Comr. Imam Sugianto said "There is every possibility that the case will continue to develop".

Hopefully everyone can learn a lesson from all of this. I know we all go crazy for our CrackBerry, but remember that it's just a phone - safety first!! If you think fighting over a phone is nuts, check out these people going batty for a $2 waffle maker :-)

Source: Jakarta Post

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