We've already had some good instant messaging news today - that BBM will be coming to Windows Phone and the Nokia X platform, but it looks like the IM war is now in full swing. 

It's reported that the cross platform instant messaging client Whatsapp will introduce voice services in Q2 this year. Us folk here on team BlackBerry probably won't be too fussed about the news as we already have BBM voice and video, but for Whatsapp and their huge user base it's a pretty big deal. 

With Whatsapp being purchased recently by Facebook I'm sure it will only add to its current 465 million users worldwide - a number that far exceeds BBM (currently). In fact, Whatsapp CEO Jan Koum has stated at MWC that the subscriber base has already shot up by 15 million since the acquisition was announced. 

The voice services will hit Android and iOS devices first with BlackBerry and Windows Phone to follow - I'm sure us BlackBerry 10 users won't lose any sleep over that. 

BBM has some work to do to catch up with Whatsapp, but with the service soon to be available on all smartphone platforms we at least now stand more of a chance. Let's just hope BlackBerry throw some marketing behind BBM on an ongoing basis. 

Source: TechCrunch