Although WhatsApp has arrived on BlackBerry 10, it's release wasn't without a few bugs. We've already seen one update roll out  and now, if you head on into BlackBerry World you'll find there is another update available for download. The latest version pushes WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 into v2.9.3997.0 and looks to address issues with contacts, notifications, media sharing along with adding some localization improvements for English, Arabic, Spanish, Indonesian and finally, Turkish users.

If you're making use of WhatsApp, you'll surely want to get the latest installed, you can do so by hitting the link below or checking for updates from within BlackBerry World. If you're not seeing it yet, hold tight it'll appear. If you've already got it downloaded, feel free to drop by the CrackBerry forums  and let everyone know how well the update is (or isn't) working for you or what changes you're seeing that may not have been documented in the log.

Download WhatsApp from BlackBerry World