WhatsApp beta update lets you archive chats, get it from BlackBerry Beta Zone

WhatsApp, the instant messaging service we all love to hate. I have to admit, I still have the app installed on my BlackBerry device. I did manage to persuade a lot of people to switch to BBM and continue to use it, especially if they want to chat to me but there are still a few that just won't install it. I'm sure many of you have contacts in that boat too. If you still use WhatsApp, for whatever reason, you may want to check out BlackBerry Beta Zone as there's a beta update.

There isn't much to this update but it seems like WhatsApp is testing out a chat archive feature. That's the only new addition in this update as well as bug fixes.

What's new?

  • You can now archive chats to hide them from the chat list
  • Miscellaneous fixes and updates

If you want to check out the update, just open up the Beta Zone app and look for WhatsApp. If you haven't got a BlackBerry Beta Zone account yet, you can sign up for one for free. However, Beta Zone is not available in all regions.

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