The WhatsApp developers are at it again. If you're among those testing the WhatsApp beta releases, you're going to want to load up the BlackBerry Beta Zone app and grab the latest release. It has a massive changelog associated with it, so it's certainly going to need some testing.

  • Added 'Add to contacts' context actions to the chat list (for chats with unknown contacts) and to the group info screen (for unknown participants)
  • Updated list item highlight styling across app for 10.3
  • Improved focus styling for Classic across numerous screens
  • Hub chat rows now update in response to contact display name changes
  • Fixed an issue on 10.3 where, if 'Show action bar with keyboard' is enabled, a blank space would appear above the keyboard in landscape mode
  • Fixed an issues where 'Delete all conversations' and 'Clear all conversations' would sometimes run so slowly they would appear to be broken
  • Media downloads are now suspended during voice calls. Media downloads can still be manually triggered during voice calls
  • Improved handling of certain failed voice calls
  • Miscellaneous fixes and updates for voice calling (Note: voice calling is still in testing, and may not be available to all users.)

That's a lot of issues addressed but there's always the chance some of those corrections introduced new bugs as well, something to keep in mind as this is a beta release and not a BlackBerry World official version. If you have the Beta Zone app installed, you should see the update listed and readily available for download. If you're new to the Beta Zone, be sure to grab the Beta Zone app and sign up. It will be needed to access this release.

Thanks, Sh3rdon!