Back around the middle of April, WhatsApp rolled out a new beta for BlackBerry 10 that included several improvements and now, after a bit of testing, they have pushed that release to BlackBerry World making it available for everyone. The changelog has grown a bit from beta to official, so take a look at what's new.

WhatsApp pushes their latest BlackBerry 10 update from beta to official

  • Added rich text formatting support for message text
  • Added support for security code verification via NFC
  • Reorganized Account settings to match other platforms (Privacy, Security, Change Number, and Delete Account are now all under Account
  • Added initial deprecation notice to the About screen
  • Fixes for various media upload/send issues
  • Fixes to try and reduce startup timeout errors that sometimes occur if the app is started too quickly after an upgrade or device reboot.
  • Implementation of noise pipes to improve the security of the connection to WhatsApp servers (see in-depth technical document linked at for details).
  • Miscellaneous fixes and updates.

The update is live now, so go ahead and fire up BlackBerry World and get it downloaded if you haven't already. If you do not see the update, just do a search for WhatsApp, and it should appear as available for you. Are you still using WhatsApp or have you moved on given their plans to end support for all BlackBerry versions by the end of 2016?

Download WhatsApp from BlackBerry World