WhatsApp updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone with multiple bug fixes

It would seem as though beta testers for WhatsApp are really good at finding bugs. A new build, available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone right now, aims to squash several rather large bugs that have been found in the app. Everything from navigation issues on the Classic to some OS 10.3.1 specific bugs have been marked as fixed in this release, so if you've had some issues with the previous beta or even the BlackBerry World release, you just might want to give this build a go. Have a look at the full changes.

  • Fixed several chats list multi-select bugs on 10.3.1
  • Fixed several cases where double-tapping on a photo or title bar could open another page twice
  • Fixed and issue where users couldn't send contacts on 10.3.1
  • Fixed a bug where the chat screen wouldn't show new messages if the last message was deleted
  • Fixed a bug where QR Code scanning would stop working if you minimized WhatsApp, opened the camera app, closed the camera app, and returned to WhatsApp while on the QR scanner screen
  • Fixed several navigation and focus issues specific to the trackpad navigation on the Classic.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and updates for voice calling (Bote: Voice calling is still in testing and may not be available to all users)

If you have the Beta Zone app installed, you should see the update listed and readily available for download. If you're new to the Beta Zone, be sure to grab the Beta Zone app and sign up. It will be needed to access this release.