While most of us CrackBerry readers will more than likely favor BBM over WhatsApp (and who can blame us) it's still an app that many of us use to stay in touch with our buddies on other platforms and today sees a new version of the app roll out for BlackBerry 10.

As you'll see below, the changes are not huge, but every little helps if you ask me. Sure, I'm all for BBM but I do still use WhatsApp for a few friends that won't install BlackBerry Messenger for some reason.

If you too are a WhatsApp user keep an eye on BlackBerry World for the update. I'm off to test it out right now.

New in version

  • New in-app media browser

  • Improved face proximity detection during voice message playback (10.2)

  • Holding Alt while tapping Emoji on the Q-series now prevents the picker from closing

  • Chat screen settings to change "Send" button behavior and show the floating action bar (under 'Advanced Settings')

  • Improved performance when opening chats from the hub

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

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