Well, it looks like the wait is nearly over. Many of us BlackBerry 10 users, including myself, have been gagging to get the cross platform instant messaging application WhatsApp on our new device and that time is very nearly here. Yesterday Alex Kinsella from the BlackBerry developer team tweeted the following:

"Prediction for next week - You'll be downloading WhatsApp on your BlackBerry Z10"

To say I'm excited would be an understatement. Sure, there are other ways to communicate with our non BlackBerry friends but WhatsApp just works for me. I've been relying on Facebook due to the great BlackBerry Hub integration but WhatsApp will make me oh so happy once again.

Where it may also be beneficial for Blackberry as a company is that it could make iPhone and Android users think about jumping over to BlackBerry? If they have the apps they need why would they not consider it. After all, the BlackBerry 10 experience kicks butt!