WhatsApp Beta updated

Seems as though the WhatsApp developers are at it again. A new release is now appearing in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for those of you out there who don't mind some beta testing. According to the change log, this update focuses on two main concerns.

One being an enhanced full-text chat search feature that allows better search of message history. The other being font scaling improvements within WhatsApp, so the system display settings for font now match in-app settings. Of course, there are the usual 'miscellaneous fixes and updates' to round out the update as well.

  • Enhanced full-text chat search feature - Accessed by using the 'Search' action on the Chats list. Note: It may take a few hours after installing this beta before the messages will start to appear in the search results, especially if you have a large message history.
  • Improved font scaling to better match the system display font size setting
  • Miscellaneous fixes and updates

If you have the Beta Zone app installed, you should see the update listed and readily available for download. If you're new to the Beta Zone, be sure to grab the Beta Zone app and sign up. It will be needed to access this release.

Thanks, Juansé!