PlayBook Update

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Earlier today the BlackBerry PlayBook was updated to OS, and initially RIM did not release a change log with the update. The update was not the 2.1 update that so many of us are waiting for, but that doesn't mean this .668 update didn't deliver some noticeable improvements. In CrackBerry's PlayBook forums the members have been discussing some of the changes observed so far. While it's pegged as just being a "maintenance release" which means no real new features, the overall user experience is definitely continuing to move ahead.

Some users pointed out that in the small text of the update they noticed that the update was to address email enhancements, contacts, calendar and bridge improvements, but the update seems to have done more than just that. In the forums users are reporting:

  • Improved Wifi Connections
  • Apps appear to be loading faster
  • Browser loads and moves around faster 

While only a small update, this seems to have done a good amount for the overall performance of the BlackBerry PlayBook, and any improvement in performance should be warmly welcomed by everyone. Some folks are reporting that they are having abnormal battery drain, and others are saying if this is the case give the device a nice hard reboot, and the drain should go back to normal.

So, what has your experience been so far? Notice any changes not listed above? Hop in the forums, or hit the comments below and let us know what you have seen so far!

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