Web Signals for BlackBerry!

Our friend Ronen over at BerryReview was browsing mobile.blackberry.com this morning and noticed a new link under the What's Hot section - New BlackBerry Web Signals! Rewind a few days to Day 2 of the Developer Conference, and the announcement of Web Signals was big news. Installing these services onto your BlackBerry allows for content to get pushed right to your device - saving you time and battery life (vs. checking at intervals for content in the background or pulling it up manually). I'm sure we'll see a ton of these become available in the near future, but the first six to be offered are as follows:

  • NYTimes.com Bits Blog Notifier - Learn about news & analysis as it happens with NYTimes.com Bits Blog Notifier. With news & analysis on the tech industry through the day from NY Times writers & freelancers.
  • Accuweather.com - Get free constantly updated forecasts pushed to your BlackBerry smartphone. View radar, 10-day & hourly forecasts & severe weather alerts.
  • Reuters News Web Signals - Get breaking news with Reuters Web Signals on your BlackBerry smartphone. As news breaks, the Reuters icon changes & sends you to the story.
  • FOX News Alert - Be the first to know when news breaks. Download FOX News Alert & get instant alerts to breaking news directly on your BlackBerry Smartphone.
  • CBC - Receive the day's top headlines and breaking news with the innovative CBC web signal for BlackBerry smartphones
  • Thumbplay Web Signal - Get content releases from Thumbplay. The Thumbplay icon sends you to BlackBerry compatible content like music, ringtones, games, videos & more.

For more info and to download, visit mobile.blackberry.com from your Berry's Browser and click into Web Signals, or just click this link.