down2nightWhen we saw that headline on a press release we feared that maybe this was Wang Chung's official website. But, thankfully Down2Night is a new web application to help people find out what is happening in various locations each night. Talk about mobile 2.0.

Web-savvy users now have a social meet-up subscription service that gives them up-to-date SMS alert info on parties, drink promotions, live events and nightly happenings at venues they choose. They can also access the application to search for events on their BlackBerry and other mobile devices. Users can subscribe to their favorite nightlife venues and receive SMS alerts on their mobile phones about events happening on the nights that interest. No more "So what's going tonight? I dunno" type conversations.

Subscribers can set the venues they would like to know about and receive an alert on the BlackBerry or any mobile device telling them what is going down tonight. You can also pick particular nights you want to hear about. Other features include "What's Down," a dynamic menu of the event and promotion lists by each venue; "I'm Down," a user powered ranking of events at individual locations. And "Browse," and "search" features that enables users to search by pre-selected criteria such as "My Spots," "Most Popular" or all the venues in the database.

The service is already up and running in Seattle, San Francisco, and Tri-cities, Washington. Down2night will be launching in New York City, Las Vegas, Boston, Austin, Madison, Miami, Denver, Portland, Vancouver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Houston in the very near future.