We all know that CrackBerry is the source of information for BlackBerry applications. There are so many out there. On CrackBerry, you can easily read up on new and updated apps, in depth reviews and even pick up applications from the CrackBerry App Store. While we do get to take a look at some incredibly interesting applications, one thing I get asked is, “What do you use?” My BlackBerry has seen plenty of applications cross its home screen. Some have stayed as they have been quite beneficial. Others, though they could be useful, simply didn’t work specifically for me. It’s not necessarily because they weren’t decent applications, but because of both space and need.

So with access to all of these applications, which ones made the cut? Which apps have found a home on our BlackBerrys? What’s on a CrackBerry BlackBerry? With a fondness for all apps on our devices, I asked the editors and writers what their top 3 installed apps were and why. Check out the responses after the jump.


  • PayPal – I love being able to manage my finances while on the go, through my BlackBerry. Between my girlfriends PayPal account, as well as my own, a lot of transactions take place. Having instant access is key.
  • Wordpress I love mobile blogging. Wordpress is great for uploading quick pics of family events, or whenever I need to get something off my chest. Having access to my personal blog on the go is great.
  • Poynt – This is an awesome all in one app that includes reverse lookup, movie trailers and restaurant suggestions. Just having it installed on your BlackBerry is essential. It's one of those apps you didn't know you needed until one day, you all of a sudden find out it has just what you're looking for already built in.

Adam Zeis 

  • Google Voice - I use Google Voice because I use different devices and want to keep one number for all.
  • Xobni - I love Xobni because I don't like using my contacts list.
  • Twitter for BlackBerry – I have a new found love for it and it works better than I thought :)

Mike Hepples 

  • Xobni - I scoff at the native contacts application now. Using Xobni is effortless; all of my information for my contacts is in one place.
  • CrackBerry Launcher - The CrackBerry Launcher is used many times daily. I use it while searching for threads, apps, OS info, and blog posts for members on Twitter (twelping).
  • Vlingo Plus - This application helps me keep my eyes on the road while driving without having to look at the keyboard. The Safe-Reader feature is all win.
CrackBerry Launcher
CrackBerry Launcher


  • Google Talk - It has great cross platform compatibility. No matter if I am on my Palm Pre, BlackBerry 9700, Droid Incredible, laptop, or desktop, I can be reached through Google Talk (damn bbm :( )
  • Xobni - I hate having to add contacts to my already giant native address book. Xobni solves that perfectly (although the app has been slow when replying to emails lately).
  • SocialScope - SocialScope is the best twitter app out there. It has a nice Facebook integration, allowing me to delete the worst BlackBerry Application that ever existed; Facebook for BlackBerry.
Google Talk
Google Talk

David Boyd 

  • Xobni It’s so much easier to find contacts.
  • Twitter for BlackBerry - I like mentions and direct messages going straight to my message folder.
  • Viper SmartStart - Being able to remote start my car from my BlackBerry is just cool :)
Viper SmartStart
Viper SmartStart

James Falconer 

  • ScoreMobile - I like to keep in touch with what is going on in the sporting world. With Score Mobile on my BlackBerry, I can quickly and easily view scores, news, stats and much more... It's super easy to use and has long been one of my favorite apps.
  • Trapster - Although I don't do a TON of driving, having Trapster on-board my BlackBerry gives me peace of mind. While on the road I'll often pop it open to warn me about red light cameras, live radar and more. Granted, I always drive under the speed limit, but still, it's good to know... :)
  • Facebook - I'm not a Facebook junkie by any means, but I do like to know what is going on with friends and family. Facebook for BlackBerry is great for viewing my news feed, which gives me the latest info on all of my friends.

Isaac Kendall 

  • Xobni - I'm a heavy work email user and am frequently mobile; I have had many times where I needed to email someone who wasn't in my address book, BUT they have cc'd on an email that I've been cc'd on - Xobni has saved my life.
  • LastPass - Security is important to me and having two or three passwords for everything won't cut the mustard. LastPASS does what I need. It keeps my passwords and is compatible with all my mobile devices. BlackBerry's Password Keeper doesn't do what I need - and I if I lost my BlackBerry, I'd lose all my passwords. As well there is no BlackBerry password keeper for my iPad, PC or Android phone.
  • Evernote - Like the review Yousif did, I really don't like the BlackBerry version of this app - BUT since I use Android, iPad, BlackBerry & a laptop, it keeps my notes synced between all devices.

Ryan Blundell 

  • SocialScope This application is beautifully laid out. The only flaw is that it’s still in “closed beta”, which is frustrating for those left in the dark. It updates quickly and is easy to use. I love being able to look up tweets/events near me.
  • PeeKaWho – This application has been on my past three BlackBerrys. I love being able to see who is emailing or sending an SMS to me, without switching from my opened application to my message folder. I also use it to change the LED indicator to differentiate my emails and SMS from other messages.
  • Xobni This application is one you don’t have to think about- it creates contact entries for you. With contact ranking and BlackBerry integration it makes for one powerful contact management tool.

Kevin Michaluk

With just about everyone else on the team mentioning Xobni, I'm sure as heck not going to list it too! Lol. Here's three of the third party apps I tend to use regularly:

  • CrackBerry App Store - Yeah, I know, it's a shameless plug, but seriously, it's true. When you're contstantly trying out apps you need to get them from somewhere. I like App World, but true BlackBerry users will find a lot of advantages in our on-device CrackBerry App Store.
  • Gym Technik - Though I'm always talking the talk of working out and eating healthy, push come to shove I tend to make bad eating decisions (I go for taste over health) and I find it's easy to get lazy. Having Gym Technik on my device to track my workouts keeps me constantly aware of the fact I need to workout, and having it connected with my WiThings scaled has me on top of my weight all the time (helping me make better eating choices).
  • Google Maps / Poynt - Two for one here. When I'm around home I don't use these apps that much (it's a small city - I know where everything is), but the second I travel I put both of these apps to use a LOT.
Gym Technik

There you have it folks, now you know what our top three apps are. We aren’t shunning the other apps we have installed; we just find these the most useful for our day to day routines. We all know that your BlackBerry can be used in any situation you may find yourself in, and you have applications to help. Now the only question that remains is, “What are YOU using on your BlackBerry?”

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