Scoping out the hot news over on Android Central I can't help but want to design myself a Moto X. The thought of being able to customize a phone right off the bat and make it my own is very appealing. I've run through various cases and skins on my Z10 but it just isn't the same. Seeing the Moto Maker site honestly made me a bit jealous.

I think back to my old Curve 8330 - there was actually a forums member who was offering her services to create custom paint jobs for devices, much like Colorware (though also much cheaper). I sent off my Curve and had it painted up in Mets colors to make it my own. 

Of course things like Colorware or getting a custom skin are always an option, but what if you could create your very own custom device in the same manner as the Moto X? 

Think about the BlackBerry Z10 or Q10. You could fire up a site then run through options choosing the colors for the front, back and bezel of your phone right down to accent colors for buttons or around the camera lens. It would be pretty cool and make for loads of custom BlackBerry 10 devices.

We know you are a creative bunch, so we want to know just what you'd come up with for your perfect custom BlackBerry. Would it be CrackBerry orange? The color of your favorite sports team? Hit up the comments and let us know what your custom BlackBerry 10 device would look like.