Kevin, Bla1ze and I are on the ground in Orlando and getting ready for all of the good things to come from BlackBerry Live 2013. We took a quick stroll around the conference center and while things are very quiet right now, in just a few days BlackBerry fans from all over will be filling up the halls and taking in all of the breakout sessions, hands-on labs, Jam sessions and plenty more. 

The show officially kicks off Tuesday morning when BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins will take the stage during the general session keynote, during which we hope to hear some awesome BlackBerry news ... just what that news may be we're not quite sure though.

We could speculate all day long, but what we want to know is what you think will be announced this week at BlackBerry Live. Will we get a US release date for the BlackBerry Q10? Some cool new app announcements? Headless APIs? 

Think on it a bit (if you haven't already) then drop a comment below letting us know what you think the big news of the show will be. 

Don't forget to follow the entire CrackBerry team during BlackBerry Live and be sure check out all of the fun from our CrackBerry Live show all week long.