The Palm Pre is set to go on sale in limited quantities this Saturday morning in the US, and as you might expect, the prejects (errr.. preverts... what do we call them again?!) over at our sibling site are getting pretty damn excited for its release.

Following up on the success of our What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? contest, PreCentral held a WWYD For a Palm Pre? contest and this week the five winning entries are being posted for all to see. The first three winning videos are already posted, with two more to come this Thursday and Friday. 

Winning Entry #1: Palm Pre Tattoo - It looks like our friend TJ Huling, who got a life-size BlackBerry Storm tattoo, now has some company in the crazy smartphone fan department. You can watch Lou get inked in the video above. Nice Tat!

Winning Entry #2: Gorilla Attorney - Christopher, an actual attorney, decided he would put his dignity (and perhaps his job?!) on the line by heading to the courtroom dressed as a gorilla for the day. Funny.

Winning Entry #3: Death by Curry - The phaal curry served at the Brick Lane Curry House is pretty much the spiciest food served in a restaurant anywhere. It comes with its own waiver form and people eating have been known to pass out or get nose bleeds. So Mike figured he'd put his taste buds on the line for a free Palm Pre!

You can click the links in the paragraphs above to check out the first three winning entries in detial and keep it tuned to to to see the next two winners.