What's Running in My Phone

What's Running in My Phone by LSphone is an app to help with unexplainable battery drains, memory leaks, and overall sluggishness not fixed with a battery pull. Clean up unwanted or problematic applications that wreak havoc with your system by discovering what's running in the background and not appearing in App Switcher.

What's Running gives a complete list of running and waiting apps (including percentages), detects remnants of apps that continue working after deletion, and shows spyware leftover from free trials. It automatically updates to display all currently running processes and can be turned off when needed so as not to put a drain on your battery. You can even force start an app that fails without rebooting your phone.


  • Icon indicator with total number of apps running/waiting
  • Invisibly-running app viewer
  • Background app starter
  • Avoid some resets / battery pulls
  • App module force-deleter
  • Determine which apps run automatically on startup

What's Running in My Phone? is available at the CrackBerry App Store for $1.99 and is available for all touch and non touch devices running OS 4.2+.

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