What Is RIM Planning For BlackBerry Messenger?

Honestly, we've been holding off on actually posting this in hopes some more details might actually trickle out. Since that hasn't happened as of yet, here it goes. Yesterday, Research In Motion made a rather ominous post on their Facebook page regarding some cool stuff coming soon for BlackBerry Messenger. While details were slim, they wanted to make sure everyone was fully aware of how to get onto the latest version. The message as posted on Facebook:

There are some exciting things coming for BlackBerry Messenger in the days (and weeks!) ahead. Make sure you have the latest version of BBM so that you can be a part of it!

If you already have the latest BBM version,, then no update is

Cool. But what is it? If no upgrade is required and those already on are fine, how is Research In Motion going to get us excited? As much as I'm hoping for something awesome to happen here, I can't see what exactly it could be if no updates are required. No updates means no new features unless they are server side. Any thoughts on what it might be? Drop your ideas in the comments folks.

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