That's the question Dan Nessel, the founder of and big iPhone fan was willing to answer.

The folks at BlackBerry asked if I would do a 7 Day Challenge.  Swap out my iPhone 5 for a BlackBerry Z30 for 7 days and just honestly report on how it went.  Honestly, I thought this was going to be a train wreck for BlackBerry.  I love my iPhone and all I really knew about BlackBerry was that they were that company that made those phones with little keyboards.   Still, I figured a week without my iPhone would make me appreciate it even more.

Unsurprisingly to BlackBerry fans, Dan walked away with a lot of genuine love for the BlackBerry Z30. His only real complaint was one shared by some of the BlackBerry community and that's the lack of apps. Click play on the video above or head on over to the full review in the source link below. Also, Dan took time out his day to join the CrackBerry Forums for some additional commentary as well so, welcome to CrackBerry Dan!

Via: BBIn