CES 2012 is quickly coming to a close and while we still have plenty more coverage to pull off of our computers, RIM took the time to go ahead and highlight some of what they feel were the biggest announcements for them during the event. There certainly was quite a few of them as highlighted in the video above and throughout our CES 2012 coverage.

Not trying to take anything away from what was announced but personally, I was hoping for a new dev build of PlayBook OS to be released, which would have given us all at home a hands-on experience with a newer PlayBook OS 2.0 build before it's release in February but that didn't happen.

It would have been a bold move by RIM to of have done so. With that in mind, there is still time to rethink that RIM.. go ahead, #BeBold and give us a new PlayBook OS 2.0 beta build to play with before CES fully wraps up. Last minute surprises really are the best ones!