BlackBerry 10 List

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We're heading to Orlando for BlackBerry World 2012 in just a few days and we have high hopes that we'll see some great BlackBerry 10 goodies. We already know that developers who attend BlackBerry 10 Jam will walk away with a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device to play with, but we're not sure what else we'll find out. If we're lucky we may see BlackBerry 10 in action and find out some more details.

While we don't really know too much about BlackBerry 10 phones, we all have our own notions of what we'd like to see for them. We want to know what you, the CrackBerry Nation, would like to see in BlackBerry 10 devices (personally I want a sweet form factor, awesome battery life and a great browsing experience).  So jump into the forums (don't just leave a comment here) and let us know a few things you'd like to see -- be it hardware, software, accessories or whatever -- in BlackBerry 10!

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