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We want to know what your BlackBerry home screen looks like!

BlackBerry Screen

If you've been around the CrackBerry forums for a while, you've most likely seen our *huge* What does your BlackBerry screen look like thread. Retired forums mod naviwilliams started the thread wayyy back in 2007 and it's been going strong ever since. It's now filled with pages upon pages of BlackBerry screens - everything from plain old stock to crazy themed out creations.

The great thing about BlackBerry is the ability to customize nearly everything to fit your needs, and that all starts with the home screen. I personally like to use the stock theme and just change up the wallpaper every few days (or every Wednesday!), but I know tons of you prefer to use a custom theme to give your device that special look. So if you haven't yet seen the What does your BlackBerry screen look like thread I encourage you to check it out and post your own home screen (grab Capture It if you need something for screenshots). It's a great resource for new ideas on how to arrange your own device, and also a bit of a trip down memory lane if you check out the older (and I do mean older) screens from years back. Let's see those screens!!

What does your BlackBerry screen look like?

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