Super Bowl
BlackBerry has been teasing the ad with image like this... but what is it?  

* Update from Kevin: Just got an early look at the BlackBerry Super Bowl commercial airing later today. Me likey!!!! Not your typical product demo type of commercial. It's totally fitting for Super Bowl. *  

I know y'all are probably getting into football mode - buying the beers, ordering the pizza, cracking open the chips - but let's put on our marketer hats for a sec. We're awaiting BlackBerry's big Super Bowl commercial. This is a huge deal because after spending over a year wooing developers and more or less staying off the general public's radar (even right through CES), this ad represents the first agressive push into mainstream consciousness. Expectations from those of us that have been following are pretty high. The ads that run during Super Bowl are well-known to be imaginative, powerful, and cost a healthy sum to run on air.  

So! What would you like to see from BlackBerry's Super Bowl ad? We've already seen what one highly-polished firm would do; would something along those lines work, or would you run something different? Which quarter will it run in? How important is this ad to the retail launch internationally? Does the delayed U.S. availability make this ad any less important?