That's enough of the iOS talk for now. We have better things to discuss and as we mentioned earlier, BlackBerry needs to keep moving. That said though, we know that's exactly what they're doing as it's no secret that BlackBerry 10.2 is already being worked on with several changes already having been confirmed and even more information appearing pretty much on a daily basis.

It's true, many folks are still waiting for BlackBerry 10.1 to arrive but that's no reason for BlackBerry to slow down. Slowing down and resting on their laurels, some would say, put them in the position they're pulling themselves out of currently. The real question however is what can BlackBerry do to make BlackBerry 10.2 better? What can be added or improved in BlackBerry 10.2 to push it even further?

Custom sound profiles, this was the best part of earlier Blackberries.mkozak, CrackBerry Member

There's plenty of talk in the CrackBerry Forums about what folks would like to see added, fixed and improved upon. Everything from improved Android compatibility, improved camera, expanded profiles, enhanced customization of the home screen, right down to the return of the auto off and on feature. There's A LOT of new stuff that could be added into BlackBerry 10.2 and plenty from BlackBerry OS that could return as well.

The lock screen should have more features, like the weather, a pop up of text messages and for BBM!clmazda, CrackBerry Member

A few of my personal wants revolve around the lock screen and apparently I'm not the only one. I would love to see a more interactive lock screen with actionable items. When I get a BBM, I want to be able to tap the BBM icon and have it jump right into BBM. Same with email and text messages. I also want pop-up notifications. Yes, that red LED light is cool and yes, I can peek into stuff and see if I really want to answer it but I want to know if whatever alert I get is even worth picking up my device for.

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