What Applications Are Missing?

We all know that the BlackBerry App World is coming at some point in time, be it April 1st or shortly there after. There has also been some talk of application developers holding off their applications from release just so that they may be loaded into the App World to debut upon launch.

While I was looking at the forums last night I came across a thread where CrackBerry forums member brucem76 posted a question asking which software was most needed, but still absent from the BlackBerry platform. Personally for me, it's a native blogging application for Wordpress such as the one that is available on the iPhone. Sure there are work arounds for it but none really offer what a native application could.

So I ask you CrackBerry Nation, what BlackBerry applications are missing? What applications would you all like to see developed for BlackBerry that just doesn't exist yet? Be sure to drop your app desires in the comments... maybe you can attract the attention of some developers out there who can make it happen.