BlackBerry 10  

Back at BlackBerry DevCon, Mike Lazaridis announced that the new BlackBerry/QNX platform would further be known as BBX. That was all well and good until a company called Basis stepped in and begged to differ, as they already were using the BBX trademark. After a few courtroom spats, RIM was forced to give in and was no longer permitted to use the BBX name.

As a result, RIM has re-dubbed the next generation software BlackBerry 10. Depending on how you think, there are two ways to look at it. You're either on the "BBX, X=10, BlackBerry 10 ... that works" side, or the "What the hell happened to BlackBerry 8 and 9?! side". Whichever it is, you either love the name or hate it. We want to know what you think, so cast your vote in the poll above. As for me, well... I'm sort of hoping somebody else happens to own the trademark on BlackBerry 10 and RIM is forced to change it up one more time. But honestly, as long as the phones kick ass I'll be happy.

Hit the comments and tell us if you could come up with a better name for BBX .. err .. BlackBerry 10. :-)

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