What do you think of BlackBerry Priv as the name of the new Android slider phone?

Now that the news the device known as the BlackBerry Venice will be released as the BlackBerry Priv is out there, we figured we should toss up a poll asking everyone what they think of the name. At this point, it's not official from BlackBerry in the fact they've never put anything out saying BlackBerry Priv, so with that under consideration, there's likely still time for BlackBerry to change it if they see fit and the feedback on the name is bad enough. Honestly, I was more fond of the BlackBerry Leap name than this but it grew on me like Pearl and Curve did, eventually. Really, I don't even know how to pronounce this though, I assume it's priv as in privacy, but I could be wrong. So, let us know your thoughts using the poll below.