Throughout my time owning a BlackBerry, I have downloaded, experimented with or used quite a few tasking applications. From simple note taking to complex task management solutions, each one offers a different approach to organizing one's daily routine. What To-Do is the latest utility application to hit the store and it offers a simple solution for recording both your to-do list and your notes. 

Upon launching, there are a few things you will notice right off the bat. First, the developer pre-populated the to-do list with some witty examples to show you how it works. Second, it is a rather uncomplicated interface with no additional screens to jump through. All active to-dos are laid out in front of you with a slider bar at the top to toggle between the pending and finished items as well. 

As a native application, users may switch back and forth from their tasks and notes by swiping to the right. What is nice about this application is that the notepad section syncs with Remember. In this respect, not only do you have a backup but there is no unnecessary switching back and forth or opening up multiple applications. All are conveniently located in one easily accessible place. 

Adding, removing, and sharing entries is an easy process as is transferring items between the categories if not yet completed. While there are no advanced features to speak of at the moment (i.e. add a reminder to a task, change from dark to light theme, etc.), the developer is open to suggestions and quick to respond.

If you are out or in a hurry and need to jot something down it offers smooth performance, simplistic layout, and gets the job done effortlessly. You can check it out for BlackBerry 10 for $.99.

*Update* The developer released an update which brings full OS 10.1 support, cleaner logo and stability improvements

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