The above video featuring the BB10 Jam World Tour from Berlin cropped up today on RIM's UK YouTube channel. It may well have been shot prior to the news that BlackBerry 10 would be delayed but what it doesn't take away is the fact that the developers are impressed with what they have seen and are excited for the future with the new operating system.

We have already covered the BB10 Jam that took place in London quite heavily, where we featured hands on with BlackBerry 10 and from a developers perspective, so I'm not going to waffle on about it too much.

With this latest video being released by RIM I would say they are still very much proud of what they have achieved so far with BlackBerry 10 but the best it yet to come (even though late).

Watch this space as I have a suspicion we may well have some further BlackBerry 10 news for you later today. Bookmark us now!