Kim Kardashian 

Celebrities endorse all kinds of products - from shoes to cars to clothing to electronics. The most recent celeb to jumb on board with a company was Jessica Alba when she appeared at the Windows Phone 8 event a week or so back. Jessica dumped her long-used iPhone for a new Windows Phone and talked a bit about how easy it was to transfer her media to her new phone as well as a bit about the new Kids Corner feature. We've seen plenty of celebrities on the iPhone ship lately as well - Zoey Deschanel, Samuel L. Jackson and John Malkovich to name a few.

Over the years there have been plenty of hardcore BlackBerry users like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Justin BieBer and Winter Ave Zoli - but none that have appeared in any commercials or on stage during a BlackBerry event. Even Beyonce and Jay-Z are both big fans of the BlackBerry P'9981 but have never been pulled into the spotlight by RIM. We did see a few celebs like Common and Olivia Wilde interviewed about BlackBerry during CES however. If you got to see the leaked BlackBerry 10 marketing video (before it was removed), you may recall that it featured Lady Gaga, JK Rowling and Ridley Scott -- all of whom would be great choices for a BlackBerry endorsement. People just like to see celebs showing off their product and to some extent it does help a product sell. We've never seen any big celebrity backing for BlackBerry, so this could be a chance to really step up for RIM with a great campaign for BlackBerry 10.

So what we want to know is what celeb you think should endorse BlackBerry 10. Should it be Lady Gaga? Kim K? JK Rowling? Beyonce? Hit up the comments letting us know who you would choose and why. Maybe RIM is listening and we'll see some sweet BlackBerry 10 celeb action soon.