Clean Cut Kevin

We had a crazy week at our temporary NYC HQ office doing a bunch of prep work for #TM13 (more on that in my next From the Editor's Desk post).

After going day and night for five days straight, we finished the work week off Friday afternoon with a portrait session for everybody from the team who was on location. Above is one of the photos taken, featuring what I refer to as my Future Member of the BlackBerry Board of Directors look. I also think of it as clean cut Kevin.

After looking at the photo above yesterday, and strolling through CrackBerry, I stumbled upon one of the videos I recorded for our initial BlackBerry Z10 review, which was recorded just days before my LONG hair was chopped off in honor of the launch of BB10 at the end of January. Dirty, dirty Kevin.

Looking at the disparity between Kevin Before Haircut (BH) and Kevin After Haircut (AH), I was thinking this week I'd go ahead and re-record a bunch of the Z10 videos I did with creepy Kevin hair. They deserve to be redone. :)

What BB10 videos do you want to see? 

Since I'm going to be firing up the video recording gear big time this week to redo some older videos, I thought I would check in with CrackBerry Nation to see if there's anything we haven't covered yet in video that you want to see us do up. I also have a hit list of all-new videos I want to record up too, but I'm sure I'll miss something you guys and gals want to see. Throw your ideas in the comments, and we will get it done!