We all need the answers to our FAQs PDQ, or is that ASAP? And if you have been to a techie website before you’ll know that there isn’t an acronym or abbreviation that an IT person hasn’t met and loved.

So in the interest of clarity, here is our list of abbreviations that you may come across when discussing BBs and PDAs in general

APN - Access Point Network. A server specific network that allows BlackBerries to access information wirelessly.

BB – Blackberry. Pretty simple really.

BES - Blackberry Enterprise Server. This is a server solution used by IT to manage and control Blackberry groups with a company or government organization. It acts as the centralized link between wireless devices, enterprise applications and wireless networks.

BWC - Blackberry Web Client. This allows business users to manage their data and communications from a single wireless handheld with 'always on' operation, single mailbox integration, a "push- based architecture. The web-based e-mail client that comes standard with the BB service.

GPS - Global Positioning System. This satellite based system can tell you where you are located in the world and can integrate with mapping systems to give the Blackberry user precise location data.

GPRS - General Packet Radio Service - Data transfer which is twelve times faster than GSM band. Used for e-mail, web browsing and TCP communication on our BB.

GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication - This digital system allows multiple calls and messages on the same frequency. Mostly used for text and voice.

MDS - MDS is a feature of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server that enables applications beyond email and Personal Information Management to securely establish http network connections behind a corporate firewall. By using the existing secure connection, the BlackBerry Browser and third party Java applications, can easily communicate with corporate web and application servers. This eliminates the need to worry about data encryption, connectivity behind the firewall or the underlying wireless network technology or carrier.

PDA. Personal Digital Assistant. This has evolved from a simple pager and memo writer to the BlackBerry and similar devices which can now include e-mail, web browsers, cell-phones, music players and cameras.

SMS - Short Message Service - A simple text-based way to send quick messages to mobile phone and handheld users. BlackBerries have their own device to device system.

TCP. Transmission Control Protocol. This application creates connections over which streams of data can be exchanged using Stream Sockets. The protocol guarantees reliable and in-order delivery of data from sender to receiver. TCP also distinguishes data for multiple connections by concurrent applications (e.g., web server and e-mail server) running on the same host.

WAP - Wireless Application Protocol - Wireless solution that allows users to access limited amounts of information on their BlackBerry. WAP sites such as the WAP are typically lower in graphics content and designed to present data on smaller PDS screens.

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