While I can say that I most likely won't be buying the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 anytime soon, I can say that I do actually like the device. With the P'9981 I wasn't too keen on the keyboard for the long haul but with the P'9882 I'm singing a different song and I could totally see myself using one full time (but oh, the price!).

That being said, I would definitely steer clear of the limited edition model with the crocodile leather back. Why? Because it's funky looking. I get that Porsche Design and BlackBerry were going for a different look, but I think the leather back on the P'9982 is quite enough. The crocodile leather may be special but it certainly doesn't look that way.

* Update from CrackBerry Kevin: I just stroke through what Adam wrote above, because well, when it comes to fashion sense on a luxury product like this, his opinion doesn't really matter (sorry Adam - no offense... know your place.. you're a tech writer, not a fashion blogger). This thing is ball'n. I just polled a bunch of the fashionistas in my circles, and received lots of positive vibe on it too... "it's gorg!". Look for me to have one soon and I'll show you how sexy this baby is in video. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. *


You can see what it looks like in the image above. The standard back on the left, crocodile on the right.

Most of you have seen the device already but may have missed this image of the back on the limited edition model. So what say you? Would you want to go all-in with croc or is this one better left behind?

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