With new CEO John Chen at the helm of BlackBerry, it's clear that the company is closely paying attention to the feedback of their customer base. Beyond the leadership team stating this is as a fact, the announcement of the trackpad-wielding BlackBerry Q20 is clear evidence that the company is willing to make changes based on customer feedback.

Following Mobile World Congress late last month, where we had the chance to sit down and talk to a number of BlackBerry executives (see interview #1, #2 & #3), we've been following up here on CrackBerry with a little constructive feedback of our own. On our most-recent podcast, we spoke about a couple of "little" things I'd like to see improved in BB10, like the ability to bottom align application shortcuts in folders and the option to archive an email by swiping to the left on it in the Hub. And yesterday we focused on a MAJOR thing we think BlackBerry needs to make happen, which is cutting carriers out of the software update equation so they can push out global updates to all customers at once.

Continuing on with this notion of things we'd like to see improve in the BlackBerry 10 experience, it's time CrackBerry Nation for YOU to sound off with your list of priorities. In the comments below, write down YOUR LIST of the top FIVE things you think BlackBerry needs to tackle in making BB10 better. They can be BIG things, or small things that matter to you. I'll kick the the list off with five things I'd like to see happen with the first comment.

Once we let this run for a few days, we'll comb through the comments and vet the list down to a top 25 (or maybe more.. we'll see how the feedback goes). That's it, sound off CrackBerry Nation!