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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are rapidly approaching, and this means that holiday shopping is in full swing. Odds are you've already built out some big lists of items that you're looking to pick up, and who doesn't love to save a little money on their holiday shopping? We've already seen some ads surface, so we have a general idea of some things we can expect to see discounted, but we want to hear from you! What are some of the items on your shopping list that you'll be hoping get a discount?

Are you looking for a new set of weights, or an Xbox bundle to wow your significant other? Need a new TV for the house, or want to treat yourself to some new bedroom furniture? It doesn't matter what tops your shopping list, we want to hear about it. We've compiled a quick questionnaire that we hope you'll take a second to fill out so we know where to keep our eyes during the big event.

We do our absolute best to find all the best deals, but there could be some stuff that you're interested in that we aren't covering well. Help us ensure that this is the best Black Friday you've ever had, and let us know what you're looking forward to scoring at a sweet discount.

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