We've updated the CrackBerry app for Android to fix some bugs

This is a just a quick heads up for you folks out there using the CrackBerry app for Android. If you head on into the Google Play Store right now, you'll find an update to the app waiting for you if you haven't already grabbed it. There are a few changes in the app but most importantly, this release squashes that bug that would cause the app to crash when trying to post an image to the forums.

Full changelog is as follows:

  • Fixes image upload for forums.
  • Adds floating input text.
  • Shows refresh animation during initial load.
  • More style changes for forums.

If you haven't tried the app, there's no time like the present to do so. Everything you need to keep up with CrackBerry on the go is within. News, reviews, forums access and more.

Download the official CrackBerry app from the Google Play Store

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