We've updated the CB10 app for BlackBerry 10 to fix some bugs

I know. I know. It's been a while since we last updated the CB10 app for BlackBerry 10 but as I'm sure some folks have already realized, a new update has now arrived in BlackBerry World. This release is pretty much just a maintenance release to address a few bugs that were in the app as well as improve upon some of the performance issues folks were seeing. We've included a change log for the update on BlackBerry World but in case you missed that, have a look.

  • Fixed text size on article listing
  • Added image quality setting
  • View article image in picture viewer
  • Optimized image loading
  • Set text style for forum thread view
  • Fix login screen for Facebook login
  • Fix with invoking browser

As with any update, the latest version isn't going to cover every single issue folks are having with the app but it's a ton of bugs squashed and everyone should see the improvements made. Personally I suggest clearing the cache on whatever version you're running now, then downloading the new release. It's not a requirement, but it helps clear things out and it's the best way to ensure there's no carry over bugs. Go forth, get it downloaded and a big thanks to Tom Kaminski, QTHelex and paulwallace1234 for the help with getting this build out the door.

PS: Before you ask, the PM function for the forums is still not available through CB10. We've looked into adding it, but it simply does not seem as though it can be implemented properly and rather than trying to add it forcefully and have it end up broken further down the road, it's honestly just easier to not even continue exploring the idea. I really wish that wasn't the case, but I'm not going to continue saying 'we're looking into' it when I know full well it's not possible.

Download CB10 now from BlackBerry World!