BoxTone Lounge Getting Ready for Action!

The weekend is here which means were just a couple days away from the start of WES 2009, the biggest BlackBerry event of the year. It also means the BoxTone Lounge (co-partnered by CrackBerry this year!) will be opening soon.

Earlier in the week we announced the BoxTone Lounge Twitter contest - whether you're going to be in Orlando for the event or not you can follow @BoxTone_Lounge for your chance to win some sweet prizes, including custom Coveroos, Retro T's and more. Winners from the first three days of the contest are as follows:

Coveroo Winners: @Emc1683, @matthoffman, @cipriani15
Retro T-Winners: @bigslam123, @R_Rizzo, @e453753

As I type this @BoxTone_Lounge is sitting at 987 followers... once there are 1,000 followers another big prize will be awarded, so hurry to get in on that! More prizes will be given away each day as we lead up to The Lounge's opening this Monday evening. Follow the links below to get in on the contest, stay up to date with the lounge, and for more info on BoxTone and the Birds of a Feather presentations at WES.