Attend WES 2009


During the show, our WES blog posts will show up on the CrackBerry homepage with a prefix of WES2009:. With these posts varying in different blog post categories, we'll make note of all WES 2009-related posted here (as well as other links and favorite WES contest).

WES PRESS RELEASES - Monday, May 4th, 2009

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The BoxTone Lounge

The BoxTone Lounge is back this year with as a co-sponsor, and will be the place to meet-up and chill between sessions and events during WES2009. Birds of a Feather Sessions will educate as well as entertain, and there will be contests and games to keep the fun happening. Follow the links below to stay up to date:

BoxTone Lounge Pre-WES2009 Kick-Off Twitter Contest

To have some fun leading up to WES2009, BoxTone is having a Twitter Contest. Click Here for full details.


Birds of a Feather Highlights

During WES, we'll be at the BoxTone Lounge during the Birds of a Feather presentations. The plan is to record them and get them up here so even after WES you'll be able to take advantage of the knowledge. Stay tuned!


Follow @BoxTone_Lounge on Twitter or Visit the BoxTone_Lounge Facebook group for Lounge action as it unfolds!



Stay Tuned For More....